Our Mission

The Mission of Brothers By Choice is to Encourage Love and Understanding by Inspiring Hope through our story.

Our Story

Sterling Harris and Devonric Johnson met in 7th grade and came from different backgrounds and opposite circumstances. They instantly saw something in each other that bonded their hearts together as brothers for a lifetime.

Sterling grew up in a close-knit middle class Christian family. He enjoyed a wonderful home life and safe surroundings.

Devonric, on the other hand, was virtually homeless. He spent most of his childhood sharing a filthy twin mattress with his biological brother living in a shack with no water, indoor plumbing, or electricity. His living conditions were so unbearable that he chose the streets and used school and football as his refuge.

Their story is about two young boys and the amazing choices they both made. One unselfishly wanted to help his friend in need and share all he had with him. The other accepted the help with grace after overcoming the trauma and adversity of his shattered life.

Two Brothers; Two Stories; One Inspiring Message of Hope! They are Friends by Fate, Heroes by Heart and Brothers By Choice.

Our Commitments

Acknowledging the value of reciprocity, a portion of the proceeds of Brothers By Choice and/or voluntary time is given to benefit the non-profit organizations listed below for the purpose of improving the quality of life of its members and participates.